Frequently asked Questions


Should I take motion sickness medication?

Yes, It is highly recommended that you take something to prevent motion sickness so you can enjoy your day on the water.

Will we always catch fish?

Our team is confident in our ability to find and catch fish, however weather and sea conditions can affect the bite. Some pelagic species such as dolphin, wahoo and marlin also inshore flounder and sheepshead are seasonal.  There are others species that can be caught year around.  Although uncommon, it is possible the fish just will not bite. Captain Tim will do everything in his powers to make sure you have a successful and fun day on the water. 

What if the weather gets bad?

Weather is an important factor when fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.  Trips may be cancelled or postponed at the captain's discretion for inclement and unsafe weather.  Your safety is our top priority and the team will not allow you to fish in unsafe conditions.  Sometimes if offshore fishing is not ideal, the protected bays offer plenty of inshore opportunity to land a good catch. 

Do we have to have a fishing license?

Fishing licenses, bait, tackle, and drinking water are provided for up to 6 passengers each trip.

What should we bring?

If you are planning on eating, snacking, or drinking beverages other than water please bring them from home for the trip.  Also bring your own cooler to transport your beverages, food and catch after we return to port.  There are plenty of coolers provided on the boat so you can leave any coolers you bring in your vehicle. Also bring sunblock, sunglasses, hats and protective clothing to protect you from the sun.  Captain Tim will clean your fish at the end of the day once we return to port and bag the filets in zip-loc bags.  Keep in mind that a full box of fish can sometimes take over one hour to clean. 

How do I pay? Do I have to tip?

Tips are greatly appreciated but not necessary.  There is a 20% deposit due at the time of booking the charter. The remainder of the payment is due anytime before the trip, after trip over if credit card number is on file or cash at the dock. We except cash, checks, cashiers check and all major credit cards except American Express.